Garden Maintenance

February Gardening Tips

As late summer is upon us there is still plenty to do to keep you busy in the garden. Now is a good time to prune any hedges or climbers that have grown excessively including star jasmine tendrils and spent flower heads such as those on agapanthus, New Zealand Flax, Kangaroo paws and lilies.   If you have a vegetable or herb garden now is also a great for sowing seeds like parsnip, celery, leeks, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, spring onion, l...

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Spring Gardening Tips

As the garden begins to be more of a feature now that winter is over, there is plenty to do to ensure great results continue for the warmer months to come. To provide maximum potential for certain plants early spring is often the final opportunity for you to plant, depending on where you are located. Tomatoes, citrus and other fruit trees for example can become susceptible to pests and disease problems as humidity and heat increases and there ...

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Garden Maintenance Tip – Growing Roses

Winter is the best time to select your roses and then plant ready for spring flowering. Whether you choose a standard, floribunda, hybrid tea, ground cover or climbing rose you will include an essential element that provides your garden with character and beauty. Add cow manure and compost to your soil to create a rich environment for your roses and cultivate well to promote good soil structure and aeration. For the best result a full sun loca...

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Joanne Green Garden Maintenance – Autumn and Winter lawn care

May Garden Tips from the Joanne Green Garden Maintenance Team. Although the warmer months are behind us your lawn still needs attention to keep the growth soft, vigorous and dense throughout autumn and winter.    1. Regular pH (potential hydrogen) test -   After regular fertilising to your lawn through summer you may not have realised your lawn is suffering from incorrect pH levels. A quick test will indicate where your lawn...

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It’s Garden Time | Garden notes for Jan/Feb

Now the summer holidays and Christmas is behind us, we can get into the garden and address some maintenance issues. Because it is often too hot to do anything more strenuous than routine watering, weeding, fertilising and spraying – try to do these in the early morning or late afternoon when it is cooler, and more enjoyable.   WEEDING   Weeds usually leap out of the ground in hot weather. For those with more serious areas...

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Our Top 5 December Garden Tips

  Joanne Green's Top 5 December Garden Tips: Prune all of your dead perennials to encourage a second wind of flowers Clean out all gutters, drains and paths of dead leaves and debris – fire season is starting! Trim your hedges to make your garden look its best for your Christmas guests Water your lawn deeply twice a week. Apply a thick layer of mulch to your garden to help prevent your plants from getting root burn in the ho...

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Spring Garden Tips

With all this stunning weather we have predicted for this weekend, it’s the perfect opportunity to get down and dirty in the garden. Here is a few things you should be doing in your garden right now: Fertilise: Any winter blooms that have finished flowering eg daphne, azaleas and camellias should be fertilized using special fertilizers formulated for these acid loving plants. Make sure you water thoroughly before and after fertilizing to...

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In The Spotlight: The Irish Strawberry Tree

This week on ‘In the Spotlight’ we look at the Irish Strawberry Tree. With its ‘lily of the valley’ style flowers and its unusual fruit, it is a remarkable plant for more reasons then one. The Irish Strawberry Tree - Arbutus unedo, simultaneously bears both flowers and fruit in Autumn through to Winter. Producing beautiful white or pink bell shaped blooms in 5cm long pinnacles and red/orange warty spherical fruits. The fruit...

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Joanne Green Is Hiring!

Joanne Green is hiring. We have an exciting new opportunity for an Assistant Horticulturist to join our Maintenance team on a full time basis. The ideal applicant for this position will have: A passion for gardening paired with great skills and a keen eye for detail in the landscape. Experience in mowing, hedging, edging, weeding, pruning, planting. Knowledge of plants, pests and diseases. Currently studying Horticulture, Excell...

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