“Designing a landscape always starts with gaining an understanding of who you are, the lifestyle you lead and what you are hoping to achieve.”

The landscape you surround yourself should be an extension of yourself, whether that becomes a sophisticated space for terraces, pools and lawns, or a more relaxed environment of BBQ / pizza oven and a plunge pool.

To understand what kind of environment you would like to create we always start with an initial onsite consultation with one of our landscape designers; Joanne Neylon or Rory Graham.

During this meeting we are able to begin forming a better picture of what features might work within your space, while paying attention to functional elements like spatial arrangements; shade; lighting and irrigation. We will also gain a clear understanding of your budget and timeline, and discuss whether any key elements require council approval.

The fee for this initial 60-90 minute consultation is $370.00 (incl. GST)*.

Following this we will issue you a Design Fee Proposal that has an explanation of what is (and is not) included in the fee, and a breakdown of the steps required to complete your perfect landscape.

Once our services have been engaged the design process begins:

  • Concept drawings are developed based on the initial brief. Indicative samples of materials, a plant species list and key landscape elements are prepared to evoke a visual image of your new garden for you.
  • An estimate of the construction costs for the proposals can be provided.  
  • Upon concept approval, drafting of the final detailed landscape plan/documentation will commence.
  • A final budget estimate or construction quote is provided after completion of the final landscape documents.
  • Once any necessary approvals are obtained (from Council for example), the project is ready to commence construction by our qualified and licensed staff.


At Joanne Green we also offer a combined landscape and interior design service. This unique approach allows us to design your home in a holistic manner; developing interiors and landscapes that effortlessly complement each other. Similarly to our landscape design consultation; the process starts with Rory Graham (landscape designer) and Angela Neylon (interior designer) visiting the site or your home to speak with you about what it is you are trying to achieve.

The fee for this combined consultation is $650 (incl GST) and usually takes about 2- 3 hours.


Call Joanne Green Landscape & Interior today on 02 9979 5363, or email us at to discuss our process and how we can assist you in achieving your goals.

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